Interlocking Brick Machine In Thailand


Interlocking brick Thailand is available at a reasonable cost this is because the company has supplied the machine to customers. The need for the machine has been increasing day in day out. This has led the company to supply it on Thailand in large number. The Thailand interlocking machine is able to produce interlock bricks of various sizes and many of them.

The company has made a suitable interlocking brick machine Thailand in order to meet the requirement of their customers. With is so important about the interlocking bricks machine Thailand is that it has both automatic and semi-automatic self-driven machine that meets the real demand of it among the customers.

The Interlocking Brick Machine In Thailand is cost saving

AIMIX group has been enjoying the Thailand market for this machine type. The market has been so important to the group and the company has provided its best services to the locals. The interlock bricks have brought all
the industrial waste in Thailand into use. Some of the common raw material wastes that are found in Thailand are slag, pebble, cinder, sand, mineral waste residue, and others.

interlocking brick machine Thailand

All these raw materials are cheaply available in large quantities and this helps in cutting the cost of investing on the machine. As the investor, all that you need is to begin the business ad if you need any guidance AIMIX group is available for that. Of the various interlocking bricks available, semi-automatic is the most preferred interlock machine in Thailand. The machine is cheap and effective in its working when compared to the other

The price of the Interlocking Brick Machine In Thailand

There are various factors that determine the price or cost of any machine. Some of these factors include the production cost, insurance of the machine, the technology employed on the machine, the productivity of the machine, shipment among other factors. All this factor makes the price of the interlock brick machine to vary. So there are various prices with our machine and if you need the specific type you can contact the AIMIX group to give you the quotation price of the machine.

Reasons why the interlocking brick making machine is efficient in Thailand

·The machine design is appealing- within the machine:, it has been installed with various systems that make it effective in its working. It has a silo, belt conveyor system, pallet supply system, the PLC control system, hydraulic system, and others. All this system plays an important during the interlock brick production and hence makes it effective.

·It has also been equipped with the PLC technology control program. This technology helps in time-saving and cost savings. This helps in lowering the total production of the bricks.

·The interlocking block making machine is also automatic in determining the product density and this helps in to adjust it to the required one.

interlocking brick machine in thailand

Price comparison of interlocking brick machine

As a customer, you will always need to look at the machine that is cheap in terms of price. In Thailand, the use of the interlocking brick machine is widely used and there are various companies giving out the machine. As we have seen the machine uses the waste materials that are readily available in Thailand to make bricks.

AIMIX Group is the leading thailand interlocking brick machine manufacturer that manufacture of the machine, their machine is of high quality. It is able to work for a long period without failure. As you compare the price also know the quality of the machine. Do not go for the machine simply because you have seen it is cheap. Since the company came to Thailand it has become the hottest provider of the interlocking machine to its clients.

Why choose the AIMIX group

·They are ready to help you to plans for your factory.

You only need to tell them your needs and expectations and they will
give you the best solutions that are aimed in making the profits from the
production using your machine.

·They give you their engineers to help you in interlock block machine installation.

They will install and test its working within your area.

They will also provide free education to your operator.


In order to meet your best from the machine, you need to contact Aimix Group Company to help you. They will provide all that you need so
as to have profited from your machine.

Why Would You Need A 20 Ton Winch?

Are you in the market for a new winch that you can use with your business? You may need this for many different reasons. They are typically used for pulling things, although they can be hooked up so that they can lift heavy objects as well. They are designed with a drum around which a cable will wrap around, powered by hydraulic or electric motors. If you need one that can lift as much is 20 tons(20 toneladas), these tips will lead you to several of the best ones that are currently available on the market today.

20 ton Electric Winch For Sale
20 ton Electric Winch For Sale

Why Would You Need A 20 Ton Winch?

You will need to use one of these for a couple different reasons. For example, if you have a vehicle that is stuck, and if it is attached to a truck, you can pull out even the heaviest vehicles. It may even help in pulling up a large semi truck cab, or even the trailer if it is empty. Additionally, if you have this on a boat, it can be used to keep your vessel stationary at the dock, or even pull something behind you. A 20 ton electric winch(malacate electrico) is not that powerful by comparison to many of the ones that are used at the industrial or commercial level. These typically go up to 300 tons or more, and can be used to pull barges and larger ships. Based upon the type of work that you do, and the merchandise that you are moving, you can determine if the smaller one is better than a larger unit. You are going to save a lot of money by getting one that does not pull a lot of weight, plus there are ways to expedite the process of receiving one.

Ways Of Saving Money When Purchasing A Winch

You can save a lot of money when you purchase these. It’s just going to take a little bit of time in research. Most of the businesses in the Orient have the best standards when it comes to producing them. Additionally, they are capable of producing winches at a very low price based upon the cost of the materials in the labor. They will probably have several in stock that are in this range, and you can pick and choose from them based upon the specifications listed on the website. It is recommended that you look at the drum capacity. This could be anywhere from 500 m, going up to 1500 m or more. You may opt for a single or double drum, and also ask about how fast they are. For example, when pulling things in, or letting out the line, they can go up to 20 m/m. The faster that they are, they are going to likely have a much larger hydraulic, electric or diesel motor( motor diesel ).

Eletric Winch With A Large Capacity
Eletric Winch With A Large Capacity

There are so many reasons for owning and using a 20 ton Winch. It really is easy to do. By the end of the week, you should have several options to choose from after doing your research( hacer su investigación ) on the web. You can schedule a time to have it delivered. It is highly recommended that you do all of this many weeks in advance. This will help you save a lot of money, and also get the winch to your location as fast as possible regardless of where it is in the world today.

Important Things You Should Know About The Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

One of the most massive gantry cranes that has ever been made is the rubber tyred gantry crane. It is a phenomenal unit, cowering in its appearance, and it is also completely mobile. It’s one of the few gantry cranes that you will see that is of a large size that will have wheels. This allows it to traverse the ground, as long as it is flat, to different locations at your facility. Over the years, these have been enhanced with many new features that have made them faster, as well as much more powerful. Here are a few of the more important things that you should know about the rubber tyred gantry crane before you make your purchase.

Weihua Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane
Weihua Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Parameters Of This Gantry Crane

Although these will be created in different sizes, a standard rubber tyred gantry crane will likely have the ability to lift between 50 tons and 100 tons of weight. The span can be as much as 28 m. The lifting speed of the hoist will be right around 30 m/m. This will enable most businesses to keep up with production. You have likely seen these that shipyards moving containers( mover contenedores ). It is also operated from a booth that is up top, and there may even be a remote control aspect.

Technical Data On This Gantry Crane

The technical data that you will find posted about each of these gantry cranes will include the capacity of the spreader, working duty( deber de trabajo ), and also the span of the crane itself. You also need to know the base distance, lifting speed and height, and also the total crane speed which contributes to its overall dimensions. After looking at these figures, you can make a determination as to whether or not this would be the best one for you. These are enormous, so you also need to have plenty of space for these mobile units to move around so that you can keep up with your production.

Where To Get Good Deals On These Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes

The best deals are going to come from businesses that are in countries such as India or China. Most of the ones that are used today may originate from these locations. The reason that people are motivated to consider these machines is that they are going to come at a much lower price. Part of the reason for their popularity is that they are able to move around. It is this aspect of mobility which has made them one of the more prominent pieces of large industrial equipment that you will see that shipyards, warehouses, and similar locations. Weihua Machinery(Weihua Maquinaria) is a company from China, they have 30 years of manufacturing experience and are able to provide high quality products.

Container Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane
Container Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

This brief overview of the most important things to consider when purchasing a rubber tyred gantry crane should help you make your decision. As with any industrial equipment that you purchase, you also want to get a low price. By following these recommendations, it should be easy to find a company that will be more than happy to work with you. They will find exactly what you need, and provide it at a low price, so that you can add this to the many other gantry cranes that you may also use at your facility.

Gantry cranes have different types of girder, suca as single girder and double girder, click here to get more info about double girder gantry crane:

Where To Obtain Affordable Electric Engine Concrete Pumps

Have you ever purchased a concrete pump before? You may prefer getting those that are electrically powered. These will have an electric engine, allowing you to plug it in at any location where you are working in order to pump concrete where it needs to go. These are just as expensive as those that use diesel fuel, but some people prefer them over the others. To get an electric engine concrete pumps for sale philippines that will provide you with many years of usage, these tips will lead you to some of the top companies that are selling them today.

electric concrete pump for sale

How Do These Concrete Pumps Operate?

These pumps are typically attached to some type of a concrete mixer. The two components will work together to deliver the concrete on to the ground. These can be used for sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and even the creation of foundations. The reason that people prefer electric is that it is often quieter, and some of them can be more powerful. There are those that are looking for a pump that can deliver concrete at a very rapid pace, and you will certainly get that with some of the top electric concrete pumps that are out there.

electric concrete mixer with pump

Where Can You Find These Available For Sale?

You will find these available from many different companies, most of which will be international. The cost of producing them is often dependent upon the country that they are in. For example, in countries like China, you will see them priced exceedingly low by comparison to their competitors. They may also have affordable sale price, helping you to make a decision as to whether to get one or more of these at a time.

electric concrete trailer pump machine

How Long Will It Take To Locate The One That You Want?

The fastest way to find these businesses is to simply search for electric engine concrete pumps online. This will bring up several websites, as well as places where these companies can put classified ads attracting potential buyers. You will want to evaluate all of these businesses, not only for their prices, but also for their reputation. There may be several that are highly recommended by comparison to all of the others. You will then place your order to have it sent to you. If you are interested, you can continue to click here, .

If you do have a need for a new electric engine concrete pump, there are many versatile businesses that produce them. If you are not happy with your current one, or if you would like to switch over from using a diesel powered concrete pump, you will be pleasantly surprised with how easy they are to use. You should also be able to find a couple businesses that sell them at a very low rate. This will ensure that you can save money and get access to some of the best pumps in the industry. At some point in time, you may consider ordering other products that they have to make sure that you are using all of the best equipment for your business.

Basic Informations Of Single Girder Gantry Crane

A single girder gantry crane is an important machine in the lifting equipment industry. It’s an equipment that assists in loading, transporting and unloading of materials within various outdoor occasions. The crane is made of one main beam and uses a hook to lift items. However, the product has been developed and designed with some traits for heavy duty and therefore it falls under the working class of light, medium as well as the heavy. The product is made of compact structure and is lightweight. This crane is suitable for working places such as in railway, warehouse, material yards, and workshops.

single girder gantry crane for sale
single girder gantry crane for sale


It’s composed of:

Main beam
End Beam
Support legs
Crane traveling organ
Crane trolley
Electric equipment

Types of single girder gantry cranes

This can be classified into the following

  • Full gantry crane
  • Semi-gantry crane
  • Container gantry crane
  • Shop gantry crane
  • Port gantry crane

All these types fall among the following models

. MH-Type
. BMH-Type(tipo BMH)
. L-Type
. European -Type

(1). BMH type single girder semi-gantry crane
The crane is used to handle bulk materials and consists of two controlling forms- ground and remote system. Its features include:-

Lifting capacity: 1t-16t
Span length: 5m-20m
Lifting height: 6m-18m
Working class: A3 or A4
Traveling speed: 20m-30m/min
Lifting speed: 3m-8m/min (or) 0.3/3m-0.8/8m/min

single gieder semi gantry crane
single gieder semi gantry crane

(2). MH Type electric hoist gantry crane
This crane has been designed in both medium and small size and is mostly applied in rail operations. It consists of two controlling forms, that is, the ground and the operation/driver’s room and if both are put to work, operations runs very fast and smoothly. It’s mostly used together with the CD1 and MD1 electronic hoist models. Its parameters include:-

Lifting Capacity: 3t-16t
Span Length: 12m-30m
Working Temperature: -20 degrees to 40 degrees

(3). L Type single girder gantry crane
This has two legs that are L-Shaped and they are responsible for offering support to the complete single=beam structure. It’s considered to perform better in railway sites and outdoor freight yards. Its parameters include:-

Lifting capacity: 5t-50t
Span length: 18m-35m> Lifting height: 6m-18m
Working class: A4 or A5
Traveling speed: 39m-48m/min
Lifting speed: 5.9m-11.2m/min

(4). Truss-type single girder gantry crane
This crane is A-shaped and is wind resistance. Parameters include:-

Lifting capacity: 3t-26t
Span length: 12m-30m
Lifting leight: 6m-18m
Working class: A3 or A4
Traveling speed: 20m-30m/min
Lifting speed: 3m-8m/min (or) 0.3/3m-0.8/8m/min

If you want to get more info about gantry crane, look here:

L type gantry crane
L type gantry crane

General features of single girder gantry crane

  • It has reasonable structures with favorable performance
  • It starts and stops smoothly
  • The traveling crane is reliable and safe with long service life
  • It produces low noise and the cabin is well positioned for a better view
  • Easy to install and requires minimal maintenance
  • It’s lightweight thus easy to transport
  • It’s easy to operate

When it comes to matters of safety, the crane is equipped with the following

Protection device for weight overload
High-quality materials that meet the international standards
A switch that limits the traveling of the crane to the required point
It has settings for lowering the voltage
A system that stops the crane in case of an emergency.

Benefits of this crane

  • Its simple structure makes it easy to install and maintain
  • Since it works outdoors, you get to achieve high space utilization because the coverage of the lift can freely be expanded.
  • The crane has strong versatility as well as adaptability
  • High efficiency accompanied by low cost
  • Reliable performance

Factors to consider when buying the right single girder gantry crane(grua portico monorriel) to buy.

(1). Have in mind the specifications that you want for your crane like the:

. Span length
. Capacity
. Size
. Working class
. Lifting height and speed
. Hook approach

(2). Operating environment- In this case, you may consider the runway design as well as the structure of the crane, For instance, you can choose from rail mounted, crane with cantilever or without and so on.

(3). The required control methods. Whether it’s remote, pendant control or cabin operation.

(4). Also look at the safety measures, maintenance cost as well as the set regulations to be followed.

Asphalt Plant

Asphalt Plant is the professional equipment used to produce asphalt concrete. It is also called an asphalt concrete mixing plant. It is used for people or firms undertaking large construction projects. It is used in several constructions like airport buildings, roads, ports, etc.


Types of Asphalt Plants:

  1. Small, medium, and large Asphalt plant
  2. Stationary Asphalt Plant
  3. Mobile Asphalt plant
  4. Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
  5. Portable Asphalt Plant
  6. Small, medium, and Large Asphalt Plant(diversos tipos de planta asfalto):
    Based on the volume of productivity, asphalt plants are categorized into small. medium, and large asphalt plants. The small plant has the productivity of less than 40 Ton per hour, the medium plant has more than 40 and less than 400 Ton per hour and the large plant has more than 400 Ton productivity per hour. Based on the requirements, size of business and investment, customers can choose the size of the plant.
  7. Stationary Asphalt Plant
    Stationary Asphalt Plants have a fixed working site and are, therefore, they are suitable for large projects such as urban road constructions(maquina para asfalto). They are also called processing plants of asphalt concrete.
  8. Mobile Asphalt Plant
    Depending on the construction site, the mobile asphalt plants can be moved from one place to another easily. Independence tires of the mixing drum and silos make it possible for transportation. These plants are widely used in constructions of country roads and low-grade roads, where the plant has to be transferred to the site of construction.
  9. Asphalt Drum Mix
    There are two types of asphalt drum mixing plants. They are a continuous drum mixing plant and intermittent forces mixing plant. The continuous drum mixing plant continuously mixes the asphalt. The heating process of the aggregates and material mixing happens simultaneously in this plant.
    In the intermittent forces mixing plant, the materials are heated first and then they are mixed. this process takes place in batches.
  10. Portable Asphalt Plant
    These plants are used in small construction sites. They are quick to assemble, easy to move, have flexible movement, simple working process, and efficient electric control.

Main Components of an asphalt plant

  1. Cold aggregate bins
  2. Drying Drum
  3. Dust Remover
  4. Hot Aggregate Bucket Elevator
  5. Vibrating Screen
  6. Hot Aggregate Bins
  7. Twin Shaft Asphalt Mixer
  8. Control Panel

General functioning of an asphalt plant

Step 1: The cold raw material is to be fed in the bins of the cold aggregate feeder. The feeding is done depending on the size of raw materials. The cold feeder gates of the bins regulate the flow of the aggregates.

Step 2: A charging conveyor belt transfers these aggregates into the drying drum. The burner attached to the drum heats and dries the aggregates.

Step 3: The dust remover of the plant filters the dust particles from the dried aggregates.

Step 4: This hot and dried aggregate is collected by the hot aggregate bucket elevator and transferred to the tower unit.

Step 5: The vibrating screen is multilayered and screens the hot aggregates. The aggregates are then separated depending on their size and stored.

Step 6: The hot aggregate bins help to store the aggregates separately depending on their size before they are sent into the mixing unit.

Step 7: The hot aggregates are then mixed with bitumen and filler. Bitumen tanks are used to heat and store the bitumen. It is then pumped using a pumping station to the weighing hopper before discharging it into mixing unit. The filler is added to a separate container and then pumped to the hopper for weighing and then transferred to the mixing unit.

Step 8: After mixing in the twin shaft asphalt mixer, the hot asphalt is ready to use and is discharged into the trucks.

Step 9: The control panel controls the entire mixing process of the plant.

Significance of Asphalt Plants:

  1. They are easy to operate.
  2. They are cost-efficient.
  3. The wide range of models makes the construction work easy, as some of the models are portable and transferrable.
  4. The drying drums are thermally insulated.
  5. They require minimum labor.
  6. They make good market profits with a reasonable investment.

When buying an asphalt plant, customers need to consider the size of the plant, functionality, labor required, maintenance cost, ease of operation, mobility and the cost. Keeping these factors in mind, the customer can make a really good profit while delivering quality products.

The best asphalt plant for you:

Buying A Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Do you want tips for choosing a self-loading concrete mixer? Do you want to get the best value for your money? If the answer to these questions is yes, you have come to the right web page. There are a number of misconceptions on how to choose the right concrete mixer that caters to your requirements and is available at an affordable price. This is the reason, we have created this guide to help you make an efficient choice when it comes to buying a self loading concrete mixer machine.

Consider the specification of self loading concrete mixer

There are two main things you need to worry about when buying heavy machinery. The first thing you need to consider is the specifications of the machine you are planning to buy. The other thing you need to care about is the manufacturer or brand.

self loading concrete mixer truck

Before we move further, you should also keep in mind that you do not always have to buy a completely new machine. You also have the option of buying a used concrete mixer in case you are not able to afford a completely new mixer currently. So, if you’re planning to buy a used concrete mixer, you should look for contractors near you who might be willing to sell their concrete mixer in case they are upgrading to a more advanced model.

In addition, you should also check the classified sites in your location or local newspapers in your area in order to find out whether somebody is selling their old concrete mixer. There are also certain websites dedicated to buying and selling of such equipment. A simple search on your favorite search engine will help you find many such sites in your location. There are also plenty of discussion forums where you can find used equipment at an affordable price.

self loading mixer machine

If you have the budget and want to buy a completely new concrete mixer, the first thing you need to decide on is the specifications you want for the machine. Do not make the mistake of buying the biggest concrete mixer you can afford as it will result in less efficient operation in case you are not able to use the full capacity frequently. So, choose a model based on your current requirements.

Learn the features of self loading concrete mixer

In addition, you should also pay attention to the materials used for making the mixer as well as other features. Some mixers come with advanced features that allow you to operate the mixer at a lower cost. Also, advanced models allow you to quickly change the mix without too many adjustments. Ultimately, the choice will depend on your unique requirements.

As far as choosing the right brand is concerned, you should look into local brands as well as overseas brands. The reputation of local suppliers or local brands is usually known to people in the industry. So, ask your business associates and existing vendors in order to make sure that the brand you’re planning to choose is good at customer service and is known for supplying high quality equipment.

self loading mixer truck for sale

In addition, you should also take a close look at overseas suppliers. Many overseas suppliers offer good quality concrete mixers at a relatively low price. Check the ratings, reviews as well as customer service before buying a concrete mixer or similar equipment from overseas suppliers. Learn more details here, .

Overall, these are some of the important things you should carefully consider when choosing a self-loading concrete mixer in order to get the best value for your money.

Why You Need To Buy Self Loading Concrete Mixers

The construction industry is one of the major industries rapidly growing today. It is a labour intensive work and as a result, there has been the development of construction machines that allow increased output with low construction costs. One of the materials commonly used in the construction industry is concrete which consists of sand, cement and other natural aggregates. These constituent materials have to be mixed properly in order to come up with concrete. This has led to the development of a self loading mixer for sale that mixes the constituents with water to come up with high-quality concrete.

The cement in making concrete serves as a means of binding the aggregates while the aggregates serve as a strengthening material to the concrete. The strength of the concrete produced depends on the aggregate to cement ratio and the cement to water ratio. Concrete that has been freshly mixed to be easy enough to handle while the hardened concrete should be strong enough and this will depend on how consisted enough the mixing process is.

Types of concrete mixers

1.Batch mixers which include the tilting drum mixers, non-tilting drum mixers, reversing drum mixer and a pan type mixer.
2.The continuous mixers used mainly for very large projects.

Components of a self-loading concrete mixer

1.Control room; this is where the machine is operated from by a trained personnel:
2.Concrete mixing drum: it allows for sorting of the various components that will make up concrete and also it mixes all the materials.
3.Chassis: it props up the concrete mixing drum and enables it to rotate above it.
4.Wheels: they enable the machine to move and provide stability of the machine on the ground.
6.Water supply system: it is automated and allows water to pour into the mixing drum that will be used to mix the materials.
7.Shaft: it is mounted at the centre of the mixing drum.
8.Hydraulic shovel: it is used for loading materials. It also has a blade at the centre of the shovel that can tear the cement bag automatically to avoid wastage of the cement.
9.Discharge system: it is used to discharge already mixed concrete.

Working process of a self-loading concrete mixer

Materials are loaded into the mixing drum in the right dosing by use of a hinged hydraulic shovel. Using the blades contained within the shovel, cement bags are cut off and then poured into the mixing cylinder thus minimising wastage. In the mixing cylinder, cement and aggregate materials and a determined amount of water coming in through the water supply system are mixed. This is achieved by rotating the mixing drum at a certain speed and together with the blades inside the drum which lift the mixtures to a certain height and allow them to fall freely. This is repeated for some time until they are uniformly mixed to produce concrete. This is then discharged from the mixer by discharge system which uses the revolutionary mechanism and with high speed discharges the concrete.

Sites where a self-loading concrete mixer can be used

•Construction of power plant
Self-loading concrete mixers are ideal for the construction of power plants since these sites require large amounts of concrete and given the fact that they are able to climb different gradients make them ideal for this purpose.
•They can be used in the construction of roads, railways and even bridges
•In the mining industries, self-loading concrete mixer machines are ideal in these sites as they can be used to make tunnels and provide support to the mining structures.
•They are also used in the construction of stable foundations for buildings.

Advantages of a self-loading concrete mixer

•Because of its self-loading nature, the machine is simple to operate.
•The machine has a high output of the final product.
•It reduces the amount of labour required as it can be operated by only one person.
•Using this machine reduces the production time and the cost associated.
•The machine can easily be transferred to any construction site no matter the terrain of the site.
•The machine is designed such that it has a comfortable working environment that allows good working conditions.
•The mixing blade and the feeding system increase the mixing performance.
•The machine has a very powerful engine that increases the efficiency of operation.
•It ensures homogeneous mixing of the materials resulting in high-quality concrete.

You can learn more about self loading mobile concrete mixer price.

Automated Vertical Car Parking System

Our company prides itself in designing top-notch technological solutions such as automated vertical car parking system. The availability of parking space has been an increasing challenge in urban areas as it becomes more to expand the parking spaces without having to spend more than you can afford. While the solution has been traditionally to expand the parking horizontally an automated vertical car parking system has emerged as a viable affordable way to increase the parking space.

The automated vertical car parking systems are vital in minimizing the areas required for parking vehicles. The system facilitates the stacking of cars vertically which enables the maximization of parking spaces and therefore minimizes land usage. The automated vertical car parking uses an advanced mechanical technology in moving vehicles to and from the parking system.

The concept is driven by dwindling of parking spaces and the need for the utilization of scarce land. The increase in motorization globally continued awareness on the importance of sustainability and the growing scarcity of urban land have heightened the need for automated vertical car parking system. The system has been widely acknowledged as the best alternative to on-street parking, parking lots and multi-story parking

Advantages of the automated vertical car parking system

It is vital in increasing parking space as no allowance is needed for driving vehicles into the parking space as well as for opening doors during the exit for drivers and passengers.

It also eliminates the need for driving lanes or ramps to drive the vehicle to and from the parking space.

Ceiling height is also drastically reduced since there is no need for pedestrian traffic.

The need for walkways, elevators, stairways in the parking area is eliminated since there are no pedestrians.

The security of vehicles and their contents is also enhanced as there is no public access and therefore vehicles cannot be broken into or stolen.
Damages such as dents and scrapes that result while parking in multi-story, parking lots, on-street parking is also eliminated.

It is also more cost-saving and sustainable since driving around searching for parking space is completely eliminated. Consequently, lesser fuel is used and thereby engine emissions are significantly reduced and therefore ensuring environmental sustainability
The need for lighting and ventilation is also greatly reduced as there are no pedestrians and hence is more sustainable as compared to the underground or multi-storyparking.

The access for handicapped people is also greatly enhanced since they do not have to walk long to and from their parking spots.

The construction time for automated vertical car parking system is significantly shorter than multi-story parking and therefore is cost-efficient since users are guaranteed to get a good return on investment. driving lanes, ramps, walkways and the reduction of ceiling heights also ensures the automated vertical car parking systems requires drastically less structural material as compared to the underground and multi-story parking garage.

Our automated vertical car parking system utilizes a steel framework and is therefore suitable where multi-story parking is considered too costly, large and impractical. Further, they can also be used inside existing structures as well as between irregularly shaped buildings.

We have also adopted a state of the art software technologies that facilitate your operators to easily use the automated vertical car parking system. The smart system easily stacks vehicles vertically on top of each other greatly increasing the available slots. The system has a useful life of over fifteen years and therefore guarantees customers a return on investment. Besides, the units are easily movable from one area to another and therefore offer flexibility particularly where there is frequent need of movement. Besides they can be manually operated in case of power black-outs and therefore businesses do not have to be halted because of interrupted power supply. The automated vertical car parking systems also visually appealing and can, therefore, be utilized for advertisement and therefore adding more revenue to our customers. We also provide flexible financing and lease options to our customers to ensure they get the maximum value. Besides, our technicians offer free technical support to your operators to ensure they can safely and effectively use the advanced parking system
Our customer service personnel are just a call away from offering you more about our automated vertical car parking system.

Tips On Purchasing A Top Rated Mobile Concrete Mixer With Pump

Having mobile concrete mixers available is a benefit to any company that is constantly doing concrete related jobs. When you can mix up the concrete quickly, pour it, and move on to your next job, this will increase your company’s efficiency levels. Even better, you will also be able to bid on more jobs because of how quickly you can get each one of them done. What you may have a problem with this finding an affordable one that is currently available that matches all of the parameters that you are looking for. To find the best prices on top rated mobile concrete mixers, those that come with the mobile concrete mixer with pump, this is what you need to do.

Are These As Advantageous As Many People Say?

There are some businesses in the concrete industry that rely solely upon a stationary concrete plant combined with concrete mixer trucks that will make deliveries. This is probably how they have done this type of work for decades. However, there is a new trend where people are able to bring their concrete mixer with them. There are so many reasons why this is much more efficient. There is only a certain amount of concrete that can be produced by the main plant, and when you have these mobile units available, they can mix the concrete while the concrete plant is running. This gives you the ability to take more jobs, dispatch your workers to these jobs, and complete the projects efficiently. Get more information here:

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What To Look For Before Making Your Purchase

there are several different parameters to consider on these mini concrete pumps for sale despite their small size. For example, you need to look at the outlet diameter, hopper capacity, and the concrete cylinder diameter and stroke. In regard to the delivery of the concrete, you must look at the maximum delivery for vertical and horizontal distance, and the maximum concrete pumping pressure. All of these factors contribute to how quickly you can pour the concrete after it is mixed and go on to other projects.

Are There Places That Offer These At Severe Discounts?

Most people that are in this industry will always go to a foreign country to make a purchase. They know that they will save a lot of money. They also know that these businesses are considered to be some of the best in the concrete industry, producing only high caliber pompa beton. Your evaluation may take a couple of hours, but at the end of it, you will know which order to place. If you are getting several of these mobile concrete mixers with pumps, then ask about discounts that they may be able to provide for you for making a bulk order.

concrete mixing pump

A mobile concrete mixer with pump might be the ideal item that is missing from your business. If you only have cement mixer trucks, consider getting some of these as well. If you have a fleet of trucks available, these can be attached to the back, and taken to every job site that is not immediately near you. A mobile concrete mixer with pump will expand your operations, help you make more money, and diversify your ability to complete jobs that are all related to using concrete.