Automated Vertical Car Parking System

Our company prides itself in designing top-notch technological solutions such as automated vertical car parking system. The availability of parking space has been an increasing challenge in urban areas as it becomes more to expand the parking spaces without having to spend more than you can afford. While the solution has been traditionally to expand the parking horizontally an automated vertical car parking system has emerged as a viable affordable way to increase the parking space.

The automated vertical car parking systems are vital in minimizing the areas required for parking vehicles. The system facilitates the stacking of cars vertically which enables the maximization of parking spaces and therefore minimizes land usage. The automated vertical car parking uses an advanced mechanical technology in moving vehicles to and from the parking system.

The concept is driven by dwindling of parking spaces and the need for the utilization of scarce land. The increase in motorization globally continued awareness on the importance of sustainability and the growing scarcity of urban land have heightened the need for automated vertical car parking system. The system has been widely acknowledged as the best alternative to on-street parking, parking lots and multi-story parking

Advantages of the automated vertical car parking system

It is vital in increasing parking space as no allowance is needed for driving vehicles into the parking space as well as for opening doors during the exit for drivers and passengers.

It also eliminates the need for driving lanes or ramps to drive the vehicle to and from the parking space.

Ceiling height is also drastically reduced since there is no need for pedestrian traffic.

The need for walkways, elevators, stairways in the parking area is eliminated since there are no pedestrians.

The security of vehicles and their contents is also enhanced as there is no public access and therefore vehicles cannot be broken into or stolen.
Damages such as dents and scrapes that result while parking in multi-story, parking lots, on-street parking is also eliminated.

It is also more cost-saving and sustainable since driving around searching for parking space is completely eliminated. Consequently, lesser fuel is used and thereby engine emissions are significantly reduced and therefore ensuring environmental sustainability
The need for lighting and ventilation is also greatly reduced as there are no pedestrians and hence is more sustainable as compared to the underground or multi-storyparking.

The access for handicapped people is also greatly enhanced since they do not have to walk long to and from their parking spots.

The construction time for automated vertical car parking system is significantly shorter than multi-story parking and therefore is cost-efficient since users are guaranteed to get a good return on investment. driving lanes, ramps, walkways and the reduction of ceiling heights also ensures the automated vertical car parking systems requires drastically less structural material as compared to the underground and multi-story parking garage.

Our automated vertical car parking system utilizes a steel framework and is therefore suitable where multi-story parking is considered too costly, large and impractical. Further, they can also be used inside existing structures as well as between irregularly shaped buildings.

We have also adopted a state of the art software technologies that facilitate your operators to easily use the automated vertical car parking system. The smart system easily stacks vehicles vertically on top of each other greatly increasing the available slots. The system has a useful life of over fifteen years and therefore guarantees customers a return on investment. Besides, the units are easily movable from one area to another and therefore offer flexibility particularly where there is frequent need of movement. Besides they can be manually operated in case of power black-outs and therefore businesses do not have to be halted because of interrupted power supply. The automated vertical car parking systems also visually appealing and can, therefore, be utilized for advertisement and therefore adding more revenue to our customers. We also provide flexible financing and lease options to our customers to ensure they get the maximum value. Besides, our technicians offer free technical support to your operators to ensure they can safely and effectively use the advanced parking system
Our customer service personnel are just a call away from offering you more about our automated vertical car parking system.